8 Best Countries For Expats To Work In
Most countries have a lot of foreigners who work and live in them. These people who live outside their native countries are called expats and most of them have been relocated because of their jobs.

More than one in three expats say that the reason they moved to a different country is because of their business or job. Others say that they found love and have decided to settle in the native country of their partner. Still, others chose to retire to a different nation.

Among those whose reasons are their jobs or businesses, 15% of them say that they found their jobs on their own while 13% say they were sent by their company overseas.

Living and working in a different country is not like going on vacation. You need to prepare yourself for a deeper cultural immersion for a longer period, not just a few days. You need to deal with language barriers, cultural differences, living conditions, and a lot more.

That being said, not all countries are ideal for expats to be in but there are some nations that make for an exceptional base of operations for any expat. All you need to get started is a passport, work visa, and plane tickets and you’re good to go.


8 Countries that Are the Most Ideal for Expats to Work In

  1. United States of America
    The good old U.S. of A. Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. The place where your tired masses are sent to find solace and life. Yes, it is still the best place for non-American expats to find work and live a good life. There’s plenty of work to go around in a very favorable economy.


  1. United Kingdom
    Seven out of ten expats living in the UK give their overall job satisfaction a highly positive rating. The United Kingdom comes in as the second-best option for expats to find great career opportunities. Take note, though, that the UK’s high cost of living can be a potential disadvantage to those considering moving there.


  1. Taiwan
    Who would have thought that a tiny country across the Pacific would be one of the most ideal destinations for expats to establish careers in? But Taiwan ranks high on our list because it is a very progressive country where a high percentage of the expat population is highly satisfied with their employment and job security.


  1. Ecuador
    Ecuador is a fantastic country for foreigners to relocate to and start a career. This is backed up by six out of ten expats feeling very positive about their career options and overall job satisfaction. The people of Ecuador are some of the friendliest and warmest in the world which is why eight out of ten expats say that Ecuadorians are generally friendly to them.


  1. Romania
    When it comes to career opportunities, seven out of 10 expats say they are highly satisfied with their options in Romania. And as far as job satisfaction goes, even more feel positive about it. One of Romania’s advantages over countries like Switzerland or Germany is how beneficial their cost of living is before moving there.


  1. Australia
    Australia ranks high in the world list for career options for expats. But one other thing that makes Australia an ideal destination for foreign workers is how the people put a great emphasis on work-life balance. However, the downside is the Land Down Under has a bit of a higher cost of living compared to other countries on this list.


  1. Vietnam
    Perhaps one of the best places any expat will thrive in is Vietnam. It is tops when it comes to career options, cost of living, and personal finances. The cost of living in Vietnam alone is enough to make eight out of ten expats consider moving there.


  1. Luxembourg
    Last on our list is Luxembourg, which really doesn’t come as a surprise. It is one of the top-rated countries with the best career options for foreign workers. Eight of ten in the expat community in Luxembourg expressed that they are generally happy and satisfied with their career, job security, job satisfaction, and work-life balance.

An expat’s life may seem romantic at times, but they are faced with plenty of challenges that test their mettle. The language and cultural differences alone are overwhelming. Add to that the pressure of performing well in a workplace that’s somewhat different from what you’re used to. So before you decide to up and leave and find work in another country, give it a lot of thought. It is a decision that you should not take lightly.

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