MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – The Better Business Bureau is reporting an uptick in package delivery scams Tuesday, which could put people at risk to having their personal information taken.

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The BBB explained the way the scam works, saying people could get a call, email or text from someone claiming to be in charge of delivering mail or packages. Then, they will tell you that they were unable to deliver a package to your home.


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If the person does not remember ordering something, the caller may try to convince the person that it is a gift from a friend or relative. The caller may sound friendly or the email message may contain official logos or professional language, making the situation seem legitimate.

The BBB warned that the caller will then ask you to verify personal information or give credit card information to reschedule the delivery, which is a sign that this situation will put someone at risk for identity theft. The scammer may also send an email that asks you to click on a tracking link for the mystery package, which will contain malware that can give them access to any personal information or passwords once it is downloaded.

Either way, the package does not exist.

The bureau asked that people be wary of unsolicited communications, saying package delivery companies will never contact you unsolicited and will usually leave a note on your door if they can’t deliver something.

They also advised that people keep track of their packages and deliveries, never give personal information to strangers and never click on links from unsolicited emails.

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