The judge overseeing a New York man’s murder trial on Wednesday ordered the defendant against future “outbursts” in front of the jury, and denied his request to remove the lead attorney from his defense team.

Carine Reeves, 40, has been accused of shooting Sally Shaw, 55, to death in Cherryfield in July 2017. His trial is the first Maine murder trial to be held after the coronavirus shuttered courts in March.

On Tuesday afternoon, Reeves’ attorney, Stephen Smith of Augusta, was questioning the state’s key witness, Quaneysha Greeley, when Reeves interjected that his lawyer was not asking the questions he wanted asked.

On Wednesday, Superior Court Justice Harold Stewart allowed Reeves to list his concerns with his representation and allowed Smith to respond. Afterward, Stewart ruled against Reeves’ requests to remove Smith from his legal team and represent himself.

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