LegalShield, the world’s leading provider of affordable legal and identity theft protection plans, today released a new Ride Share and Delivery Supplement which provides expanded legal protection and services to drivers who use automobiles, vans or pick-up trucks to support their livelihood.

Ride share and delivery programs such as Uber, Lyft and DoorDash are a great way to earn income; however, they also increase personal legal and financial risk, given the hazards of potential accidents, traffic violations or serious injury. Whether driving part-time for some extra cash or as a full-time job, anyone using a motorized vehicle to earn income may need a lawyer in their corner.

“The number of Americans using ride-hailing apps has increased more than 100% since 2015, and that growth has also created a greater legal risk for drivers,” said LegalShield CMO Cameron Scott. “And because drivers are usually considered independent contractors rather than employees, they may not receive the advice and support they need. The LegalShield Ride Share and Delivery Supplement helps to increase drivers’ peace of mind by giving them access to expert legal advice without paying high hourly rates.”

For nearly 50 years, LegalShield has connected consumers with local, knowledgeable and affordable lawyers to advise and support a wide range of personal and business legal needs. As an addition to the LegalShield Legal Plan, drivers can now access a unique plan designed to provide specific, additional coverage for income-producing purposes. This supplement protects and empowers ride share and delivery drivers with essential legal services such as:

  • Telephone Consultation and Legal Research. Receive phone consultation on an unlimited number of ride share and delivery matters, along with up to two hours of legal research per issue.
  • Calls, Letters and Document Review. A lawyer will review any legal document (up to 15 pages) and make phone calls or send letters on one’s behalf, expediting legal matters concerning ride share and delivery careers.
  • IRS Audit Services. Receive advice and consultation if audited by the IRS on personal tax return for issues related to ride share and delivery income.
  • Traffic Services. Obtain legal advice, consultation and representation on an unlimited number of moving violations related to any ride share and delivery activity – including accidents and property damage.
  • 25% Discount. Receive a 25% discount off the provider law firm’s standard rate for additional legal services that are not fully covered by this plan.

The new Ride Share and Delivery Supplement is for those who use their personal car, truck or van for any delivery or transportation service and starts at an additional $12.95 per month, over the price of the traditional legal plan coverage. To get more information on the LegalShield Ride Share and Delivery Supplement, you can go to

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