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Households in the US with broadband network connections are increasingly likely to experience identity theft, new research has claimed.

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In fact, data suggests that up to 5.5 million homes in America are being targeted every year by cybercriminals who regularly tryto steal the identities of consumers.

The growing threat of identity theft is a hot topic. The research found that it’s the top data security or privacy concern for over half of American consumers who have broadband.

The study was carried out by research specialists Parks Associates, which highlighted how with more of us using IoT devices and everyone having multiple online accounts, there are potentially rich pickings for cybercriminals via domestic broadband channels.

Identity theft

“Services that guard against identity theft can add value to any service bundle, from broadband VAS to insurance policies,” said Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates.  “Roughly 50% of all US broadband households are very interested in identity theft protection services, so adding this type of solution to a service bundle will automatically boost its value.”

“Identity theft can turn the risks of normal internet use into a nightmare,” said Brian Murray, Regional Head of Consumer Security for North America, F-Secure. “Our research shows that consumers overwhelmingly trust providers for security and privacy services, like identity theft prevention. This is a unique opportunity to target a new, growing category and build even more trust with customers.”

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