The investigation appears to show that Bernstein was at a boyfriend’s near east side apartment on the night of June 23 before she left to drive to her brother’s home in Middleton. Police interviewed her boyfriend and reviewed Snapchat messages between them in which Bernstein does state that she was attacked. 

Frustration mounted in the community and among Bernstein’s family members over the summer when no public information was released by the MPD verifying the attack. According to the invesigation document, police began to explore other reasons she may have been hurt, including asking her brother, with whom she apparently had argued in the days prior, as well as her boyfriend. 

When detective Justine Harris contacted Bernstein on August 17, Bernstein said she was no longer able to recall specifics of the attack. 

Harris wrote in a report dated Aug. 18 that she contacted Bernstein in response to a missed call she saw from Bernstein from a couple days prior. She explained that police had been doing exhaustive searches through cameras and footage of the downtown area trying to find evidence of her alleged attack, but had been unable to find anything. She said that they began to look for other ways Bernstein may have been harmed including at the hands of her boyfriend, who they re-interviewed in that vein. 

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