Police are looking for a man and a woman who stole a large amount of electrical wiring from a Lowe’s Home Improvement store in San Marcos on Sept. 13.

The pair left in a gray four-door car, San Marcos police said in a Monday Facebook post. Police also provided photos of the man they believe was responsible for the theft in their social media post.

Authorities said the man, who is wearing a blue shirt, light blue pants and white athletic shoes in police photos, had an ankle monitor on his left leg. The device is commonly used by law enforcement probation and parole departments.

San Marcos police said they are waiting for responses from multiple probation and parole departments for possible identification of the man in the photos.

“It is possible this suspect is not from San Marcos and may have traveled here to commit this crime. The likelihood of this is certainly increased, given our location on the (Interstate 35) corridor,” police said in the Facebook post.

The man in the photos has identifiable tattoos, including two lightning bolts on his left arm, and a skull on his left calf.

Police said the woman who joined the man in the theft appeared to have been dyeing her hair to a darker color.

Those who may have information regarding the incident or the identity of those believed to be responsible are asked to call San Marcos police at 512-754-2217 or email [email protected].

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