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Lerners’ senior partner William R. Clayton says, “Unfortunately, COVID-19 safety is a new battleground for separated couples with children. Some moms and dads are using the pandemic to try and keep kids away from the other parents. Arguments over attending school online or in the classroom are also arising.”

Out of concern, he adds, “I’m giving clients proactive advice. I just sent one client a suggested parenting model to resolve issues.”

By bringing in legal experts who can offer advice on matters we often achieve better, faster and less costly results while perhaps avoiding going to court.

When considering any legal action, the first thing to do is meet with a lawyer who specializes in Family Law for a consultation. The lawyer will help walk you through all aspects of the potential matter including the process, possible outcomes and costs.

“When interviewing a lawyer, find out what work can be done cost effectively,” Clayton recommends. “We have many competent law clerks and assistants who do a lot of work at a much lower rate than the lawyers. Our lawyers focus strictly on lawyer’s work, so Lerners’ overall cost can be less than a small practice.”

Lerners’ seven family lawyers share more than 100 years of combined experience, generating “a synergy that, in effect, makes us much cheaper because time spent on finding solutions for our clients is shortened,” Clayton says.

Some costs and timelines have also been trimmed since meetings and court appearances moved online in response to the pandemic.

“Court on Zoom is very punctual and virtual court appearances are quite efficient, so you aren’t paying your lawyer to wait around the courthouse,” Lloyd notes. “Clients appreciate the accessibility and ability to move their cases ahead in a pandemic more efficiently than anyone could have expected.”

Raithby says, “Our job is to help any way we can. I’m meeting people face-to-face in my home online at extended hours, which is something we never did pre-pandemic. In these uncertain times, we will figure out a resolution and take legal concerns off our client’s plate so they can go back to keeping their family safe during COVID-19.”

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Lerners’ seven family lawyers share more than 100 years of combined experience.

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