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The people’s lawyer

The “People’s Lawyer” — that’s the role of the Attorney General, and Raph Graybill is the candidate for the job.

As a fifth generation Montanan, Graybill has a strong commitment to protecting the people of this state. He proved his dedication to defending the people of Montana as Chief Legal Counsel to Governor Steve Bullock when he kept dark money out of Montana elections and successfully defended public lands. His experience winning these landmark cases demonstrates his capability to successfully advocate for Montana.

Graybill will fight for your rights. Our current Attorney General has failed us by sitting idle as the Trump administration refuses to recognize the Equal Rights Amendment. Graybill has beaten the Trump administration in court before. He knows how to successfully advocate on our behalf, and he’ll fight to make sure the Equal Rights

Amendment finds its rightful place in our Constitution.

Raph Graybill is the best candidate for Attorney General. His vision for affordable healthcare and access to public lands is backed by the experience to make it happen. I trust Raph Graybill to defend my rights. Vote for the candidate committed to being your independent watchdog. Vote for Raph Graybill.

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