Uber, Lyft look to kill California law on app-based drivers

The battle between the powerhouses of the so-called gig economy and labor unions including the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

BuzzFeed News Goes To Court For More Russia Documents

Prompted by recent tweets from the president, BuzzFeed News has asked a federal judge to order the government to declassify and release thousands of pages of documents about investigations related to Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election and allegations that President Donald Trump tried to obstruct one of the

HR Checklist: 10 considerations before firing an employee

Next, an employer should consider whether the employment relationship is provincially or federally regulated. This is important because employers that are federally regulated are governed by the Canada Labour Code. Provincially regulated employers are governed by provincial legislation in respect of notice, severance and other legal obligations. The distinction

Trump Lawyer Agrees No Fraud in Montana’s All-Mail Primary


Photographer: Logan Cyrus/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump’s campaign agreed with a Montana judge that the state’s June primary didn’t lead to any fraud even though it was conducted almost entirely by mail, contradicting a theme being pressed by Republicans in litigation across

Employment’s Recovery Road Comes To An End

Jobs didn’t get much worse in September, but they stopped getting better.

This is a tale of where the recovery road for the US economy ended. Unemployment is the crux of the COVID crisis economic story. While jobs showed a little improvement in September, a little digging through the numbers

Russell County, AL media leader Roy Greene dies at 99

One of many accomplishments for which Roy Greene will be remembered is giving Phenix City and Russell County, Ala., their own media services in an area otherwise dominated by news and entertainment from larger cities such as Columbus, Opelika and Montgomery.

The World War II veteran, attorney and entrepreneur died