HR Checklist: 10 considerations before firing an employee

Next, an employer should consider whether the employment relationship is provincially or federally regulated. This is important because employers that are federally regulated are governed by the Canada Labour Code. Provincially regulated employers are governed by provincial legislation in respect of notice, severance and other legal obligations. The distinction

Tackle Identity Theft And Fraud With This New Website


What did you do when you heard about the 50th (or whatever number it

Q3 2020 State & Local Employment Law Developments

State and local governments are increasingly regulating the workplace. Although it is not possible to discuss all state and local laws, this update provides an overview of recent and upcoming legislative developments to help you and your organization stay in compliance. (Please note that developments specifically

Old Bridge lawyer charged with stealing $71K from client

A former attorney has been charged with two third-degree crimes after allegedly stealing $71,000 from a client who had supplied the money for a home sale, Middlesex County Prosecutor Yolanda Ciccone announced on Friday.


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Bert Lundberg, a 56-year-old Freehold resident who based his law practice in Old Bridge,

Dozens of catalytic converters stolen across McLennan County

Waco police arrested four people they said stole dozens of catalytic converters valued at close to $200,000.

WACO, Texas — Multiple law enforcement agencies in McLennan County worked together to arrest four people accused of stealing dozens of catalytic converters,.

Waco police spokesman Officer Garen Bynum said their investigation found

Senate Democrats Want Investigation Into DOJ’s Russia Probe


Every Senate Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, including vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, signed a letter asking the Department of Justice Inspector General to open an investigation into whether a DOJ probe into the Russia investigation is being used for partisan politics ahead of the November election.

JobKeeper extension: What you need to know

JobKeeper Location of Work Direction – a business can direct an employee to work at a place that is different from their normal place of work that is suitable for the duties being performed. This includes the employee’s home. However, the direction must not require the employee to travel an

Black Lives Matter mask policies at work raise legal questions

  • Workers at chains including Whataburger, Ralphs, and Whole Foods are fighting for their right to wear Black Lives Matter masks and other gear on the job. 
  • Employers have the right to create dress codes that prevent workers from wearing clothing with any sort of messaging, according to employment and discrimination