Labor Law: Accommodating disabled Americans in the workplace develops a more inclusive work environment | Business News

The EEOC stated that “employees with disabilities were repeatedly denied reasonable accommodations, including assistive devices, modified work schedules, and reassignment.”

Instead of engaging in the interactive process and discussing and providing accommodations, the EEOC claims the health care company forced employees to quit.

The EEOC also announced another case, this

Attorneys in the Tampa Bay region, like their colleagues across the country, are scrambling to go high-tech in the age of coronavirus. | Business Observer

From piles of yellow legal pads and towering bookcases lined with impressive, leather-bound tomes to high standards of dress and conduct required in the courtroom, law, historically, has been one of the more low-tech, old-school professions. Heck, one of the seminal films about training to be part of the legal