Sushant Singh Rajput with his mouth open

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News of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death took the entire nation by a storm. There have been several twists and turns in the whole investigation and since last week, all eyes were on the AIIMS report to know whether Sushant’s death is a case of suicide or homicide; which has been a topic of debate on social media otherwise. 

Last week, Dr Sudhir Gupta from the AIIMS had declared on national television that it’s a case of suicide and completely ruled out the homicide angle. “There were no injuries on the body other than of hanging. There were no marks of struggle/scuffle on the body and clothes of the deceased,” Sudhir Gupta had released a statement. That caused a lot of chaos with several Sushant fans slamming the doctor. In the midst of all this, the AIIMS medical board has reportedly dismissed Dr. Sudhir Gupta’s tapes. The board has also issued a statement that reads, “The Medical Board has submitted the report directly to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as required. Being a legal matter, any inputs on the report submitted by the Medical Board would have to be obtained from the CBI: AIIMS, Delhi.”

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Now, Vikas Singh, who’s representing Sushant and his family in the case, has made some shocking revelations about the doctor. He tells us exclusively, “Dr Sudhir Gupta has taken a complete U-turn. He was the same doctor who confirmed to me that this is a 200 per cent case of strangulation. I had not revealed his name earlier when I had made the claim but it was he who told me that it’s a clear case of murder. Now, he has completely changed his stand and we have expressed our disappointment in a letter to the CBI. I don’t know if the doctor is being pressurised by anyone, but the family too demands another fresh forensic examination to be conducted by a different team.” 

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