A woman who was accused of stealing another person’s identity and taking $30,000 from their bank account has had all charges dropped against her after months working to clear her name.

For five months, Elmont registered nurse Florencia Exinvil says she endured sadness and humiliation after police accused her of stealing a woman’s identity to withdraw thousands from several Chase banks.

“It was sadness. Just sad that I have to go through this and you know, be a victim of mistaken identity,” says Exinvil.

Her ordeal began May 18, when police pulled over the 28-year-old after she left work in Roslyn Heights. Exinvil says she could not believe she was being charged for grand larceny and identity theft.

“That was really confusing to me because during that time that’s when corona was at its high peak. And I’m working as a nurse in a nursing home and seeing people die from left to right,” she says.

Exinvil fought to clear her name by gathering security camera photos and documents. Her attorney, Chauncey Henry, says police believed Exinvil was the masked woman in bank security photos.

“ID is a challenge on a regular day. I think now with mask wearing and you know, the world that we’re living in now, I think identification is further complicated,” says Henry.

Henry says Exinvil’s timesheets were further proof police arrested the wrong person. The thefts happened in the late morning to early afternoon hours on April 1 and 2, but Exinvil’s time sheet shows she was at work during that time period.

The Nassau district attorney dropped all of the charges.

Exinvil says her case shows why people should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. She says her battle to clear her name has made her a stronger person.

“Five months of being blamed for something you didn’t do and five months of being out of your regimen and out of whack, it changes someone. Now I’m happy this is all over,” she says.

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