The law and legal proceedings can be confusing. This is, in part, due to how complicated laws and legal proceedings are. Legal jargon is also something that makes the whole affair daunting. For anyone who finds themselves needing legal advice or assistance this usually means locating and contacting a lawyer. A possible solution is for legal services to be accessible in the broadest and most convenient ways possible. It seems like Legal Resources Foundation (LRF) have recognised this and have launched a chatbot called Simba.

LRF is an organisation that offers legal assistance. There are a number of cases that get thrown out because people who represent themselves lack the knowledge of legal proceedings. The cases are often thrown out because of technicalities. LHF tries to mitigate this by offering individuals or self-actors with the assistance they need in order to have their day in court. The organisation also offers legal education through mobile operations and their help desk.

Legal Resources Foundation Simba Chatbot

The Simba chatbot is a means of distilling information to anyone who may need it over their mobile phone or any other device. Simba is available on WhatsApp (+263 78 565 9616) and the LRF website. Simba currently offers information on the following cases:

  • Maintenance
  • Child Rights
  • Children and Crime
  • Domestic Violence
  • Inheritance

To start a conversation you can contact the above platforms and type in “Hello”. The bot will then display the following:

On WhatsApp

When you enter one of the above options you will get an explanation of the issue in question:

On LRF’s Website
It works the same on WhatsApp

Entering any one of the options (in this case Child Rights) will then give the user more insight into the matter at hand.

The open selected in this example was “Who is a child.”

Going further into the process the chatbot will give you the avenues that you can proceed with reporting a case. An example of this is if you are looking into how to claim maintenance for example. The chatbot shows the following:

I think this a very good service. Using the chatbot I learned a lot about how some legal procedures work and who to report to and how. Having this kind of information on a platform like WhatsApp that people use regularly is a huge plus.

For more information about the chatbot and about the services that Legal Resources Foundation offer you can contact them using the link below:

LHR Contact details in the link here

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