Things You Should Avoid Saying After a Car Accident

After a car accident, one should maintain caution about publicizing what happened in the crash. Talking about the accident may weaken your claim filed before an insurance company.

car accident lawyer in Henderson is the best person to talk to after a mishap. It is always advisable to keep mum about the accident and you shouldn’t talk about it to anyone except your attorney.

A car accident is a trauma. The driver suffers psychological shock leading to the tendency of talking about it to members of the society. In the process, you may talk about something that can go against you while filing an insurance claim.

After an accident, you should refrain from talking about the following stuff:

I Was Feeling Sleepy After Long Drive

Driving long hours can make the driver feel drowsy. The driver may have been very sleepy when the accident happened. Had the driver not been sleepy, the accident could have been averted.

But this fact must not be told to the insurance lawyer as it can be a big alibi for the company to pay a very small amount in the form of compensation.

I Was on Mobile Phone, Talking to Someone

Talking while driving often leads to an accident. It is legally not allowed in most of the states of the US. It can act as a potent excuse for the insurance company to jump off the payment. The aggrieved party must not utter any such thing after a crash. It can weaken or even spoil your case.

I Was Very Tired

After a day’s hard work or after a long drive, it is quite natural that one would feel tired. But saying it can spoil your insurance claim. It may so happen that you were returning from a vacation from a far-off place and felt too tired when the accident happened. Whatever might have been your level of tiredness, you must not open your mouth on this score. The insurance company can avail a point to reduce your insurance money.

I Was Returning Home from a Pub

Drunk driving is a punishable offense. No insurance company will settle a claim if the driver concerned was medically proved to be under the influence of alcohol. It may so happen that you were returning home by driving your car after attending a party where you drank.

Any insurance company will love to seek an apology for not paying for it. It is quite clear that you commit an offense. In such a case, you can’t demand insurance money for it.

I Was Listening to Music

If you say this to your insurance lawyer, you can be sure that your money settlement will be stopped. Driving while listening to music is not allowed. Even if you indulged in it, you can’t openly say it.

In Conclusion 

Considering the legal aspects of such a case, it’s better to not talk to anybody after an accident. Contact an experienced attorney and let the legal professional handle the case from their end.