Process servers work as a messenger service to notify individuals of their constitutional right to due course of action of law by serving them with a specific notice that declares the legal issue which involves them directly. Actually, legal documents were usually served to people by their local sheriff. As cities and towns grew in the US it has become an overwhelming job for local county sheriffs to deliver court papers when attending to legal issues in their legal system. There must have been a need for anyone to deliver all these documents legally and promptly; for that reason, process servers were created.


Process server initiates a number of tasks like filing court documents, serving legal papers and document retrieval. Their primary task is to deliver or even serve legal papers to a defendant or even individual involved in the courts. After serving any sort of legal papers, servers need to present real evidence that the legal documents had been served. The evidence which is presented is known as an affidavit of service or even proof of service, which should be notarized and directed at the person or even company that requested the documents to be served. Process servers are legally obligated to serve papers in the proper manner outlined by the state. Service of process sever might vary by state, so each server might have a different way of doing things.


Service of process server is extremely important for many purposes, but the main purpose is to make sure that the due process of law is definitely upheld in US. Another reason process server is a crucial part of civil society is to make sure that legal documents can be served in an effective and good manner. When papers are not served properly, the court is not able to rule on the case involving a person when they were not legitimately made aware of it. When service is found to be inadequate, the whole case might be thrown out. This makes it also important to understand the laws of the state about the right way to serve a defendant legitimately.